We thank God for those of you who are praying for us and with us. You are a blessing.

Culture – Every culture has its flaws because it is created and influenced by us and we are flawed. This weekend Travis and I (Edify DR Field Staff) were at the Red Del Camino spiritual retreat in Santo Dominigo and the main issues discussed revolved around the culture of the Dominican Republic. We heard what issues the leaders and members of the participating churches acknowledge are harmful and the changes they hope to see in their country in the areas of: violence against women, corruption, a poor education system, the machismo mentality, crime, racism, among others. Praise God that we can find our hope in Christ. As the body of Christ we are called to face these issues with love. We ask for prayer for the people of the DR who live everyday facing these issues.

Tiger Dawson’s Visit – We had the blessing of having Tiger Dawson, Edify’s Managing Director come to visit us here in the DR last week. We thank God for his wisdom and leadership and for the fruitful time we shared with him and the other leaders of our partner organizations. We ask for your continued prayers revolving around our partnerships and the programs we carry out together. God has led us into these incredible relationships and we ask that he would continue to make his presence known in them as we grow together.

Future Trips– For the groups and individuals who will be visiting the DR in the upcoming months either to visit Edify projects or other organizations, that God would prepare them and us for the experience. That God would guide us and give us wisdom and be at the center of all of the plans we make.

Spiritual Transformation– We are always discussing spiritual transformation and asking ourselves how do we truly integrate it into our programs. Luis Sena of Esperanza and Tiger Dawson both have emphasized the importance of looking within as we seek spiritual transformation before we expect to see it in others or in the programs that we run. We ask that God would always be working in our hearts, keeping our desire for him and his truth strong, so that we will be drawn closer to his son and be changed by his love. As we seek spiritual transformation in our own lives, we ask that God would then use us in his good work to touch the lives of others through Edify.