We thank God for those of you who are praying for us and with us. You are a blessing.
Esperanza Family Retreat- One of our partners here in the DR, Esperanza International, is having their annual family retreat June 7-9th. We pray that God would touch the lives of all the Esperanza employees and give them rest and relaxation during this retreat. We are thankful for their partnership with Edify and pray that God would continue to be working through us and strengthening our partnership.

Aprendi Teacher Trainings- Aprendi is a training partner of Edify. They host about ten four-hour teacher trainings per month. Topics taught are usually Biblical integration, managing discipline in the classroom, resource management, how to make teaching fun, etc. We ask that God would continuously work in the lives of the facilitators who teach the trainings and in the lives of the teachers and directors who receive training.

School Year Ending- June marks the end of the school year. We pray that God would be present in the lives of students during their summer break and rejuvenate them for another school year beginning in September. Summer is also a busy time for school work projects from loan capital. We pray that God would use the loans distributed for his glory and that the lives of students would be touched as a result.

AMO Follow-up- Follow-up sessions after an AMO training are an on-going process. We pray that these follow-up sessions with school directors and teachers would be fruitful and that AMO would be implemented well in the schools we are working with. We give thanks to God for AMO and ask that he would reveal his love to students through the classes and curriculum.