Our Partners: We thank God for our wonderful partners and all the work they do – Lending Partners: Esperanza, ASPIRE, and Training Partners: Chrysalis International and Aprendi. We pray that God would be present in our relationships to lead and guide us in our work together.
Trainings: Every week Aprendi, one of our training partners, puts on between 1-4 teacher training work shops. We pray that God will work through these workshops to enrich the lives of the teachers, directors, and students in the schools we work with.

AMO Follow-Up: Esperanza-Edify hosted an AMO training in San Pedro in January and the follow-up sessions have begun. We pray for the nine schools that will be implementing AMO in their classrooms; for the teachers who will be instructing the students, and for the students who will leaning more about their almighty God in a new way.