Thank you for praying for us in Rwanda! Here are some specific requests for the next couple of weeks:
* IEE coaches: The IEE coaches are back in the schools helping school leadership teams to implement content from the August training. Pray that they are able to be a true  source of support and partner for these schools as they put what they learned into practice and share it with their staff.

* Safe-Travels and Energy: Please pray for Frances as she travels back from Canada. Please pray for quick recovery from jet-lag and a smooth transition back to work.

* Development of Measurement tools: Join us in praying for wisdom as we develop content that will make a measurable difference in schools in Rwanda. Pray for Edify as we think though measurement and that God will guide us to use appropriate methods and tools.

* Loan applications: Pray for schools currently in the loan pipeline. We pray that they get the skills and resources needed  to complete their business application files. Also, for patience and endurance as this process can be long and frustrating due to Rwanda’s requirements for loan applicants.