This month, Karla de Piñeda, Guatemala’s Country Director, introduces the Edify Core Value: All things done with excellence.  She discusses the privilege of serving God as our highest calling and that this alone will lead to transformation. Over the past few months, our staff has been sharing their heart and “reflections” on the Edify core values and why they are so important to us. Last month, Dorcas, our Education Director in Ghana discussed the Core Value: Best Idea Wins!

“Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people.” Ephesians 6:7


As I reflected on the Core Value: All things done with excellence, I began thinking about the true meaning of serving with excellence. However, because it is God whom we serve and not man, I found it necessary to reflect on how to serve God with excellence. To serve God, it is essential to learn more about Him every day, to understand His purpose and expectations for each of His children, all according to what He has expressed through His word.

For Christians, service is not optional. Service is something that should be part of our lives as true believers in the word of God. God has given us this gift that in service, we are able to share all that we have received from Him in His grace. Service is the heart of Christian life. Jesus came to serve and to give, and those two verbs can also define our life on earth. If we understand that through service to others, it is really God whom we serve, we are more inclined to seek a higher revelation of what God wants to do through our lives. I am certain that in the Kingdom of God we have a place, a purpose, and a mission to fulfill. We are not here by chance, we are called to reconcile and transform our environment.

As participants in the vision of Edify, our mission is to work for the transformation of our communities and our nations. God has given this responsibility to us. Christian education is a treasure we can share with others. At Edify, it is our job to ensure that this principle of service with excellence is shared and fulfilled in the lives of children and youth. Because it is through this treasure that we will ensure that the will of God will expand and thus help to reach the Shalom of God in all areas of our lives.

In His infinite mercy, God has reached us with His love and grace, giving us salvation and gifts to serve. We endure joyfully in our service to God, knowing that everything comes from Him. Although our reality is adverse and difficult, we must remember that everything is temporary and that Jesus, who won the cross, lives within us. Serving God is a privilege. Serving Him with excellence is what we need for transformation.

Karla de Pineda

Guatemala Program Director

About the Author

Karla has extensive experience as School Director, Administrator and Trainer of teach­ers for a clster of nine Christian Schools of the El Shaddai ministries in Guatemala. Additionally, she is a previous university teacher and thesis advisor for students of education and is a long standing member of her church, serving on a leadership role. She has a Masters in Innovation in Education and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology-Pedagogy.