2012-edify-annual-report-cover-small“Education is a life-long process. Education is not limited to a classroom, a structured period of time, or formal instruction. Education can take place anytime, anywhere, in the middle of a full life, in formal and informal ways. It takes place In the midst of creation, society, culture, and work. The stuff of education may be described as the cultural trinity: Truth, Beauty and Goodness.”
This was taken from a recent blog post by author and speaker Darrow Miller. He shares about the critical difference between an education that engages the mind and instills virtue in the heart versus “schooling” that often carries the connotation of a building where learning may take place.  At Edify, we make loans so that school owners can improve the quality and size of their buildings. However, we spend even more energy on helping school leaders offer a transformative education by integrating Christ-centered curriculum, investing in school management, and training their teachers. Schools are a means to an end. Let’s make sure to not confuse a genuine education with bigger and better schools.

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