We’ve seen that follow-up meetings after AMO trainings play a crucial role in ensuring successful implantation of the program. This month I was able to attend a follow-up meeting with an Esperanza employee named Raquel, who dedicates almost all her time to providing follow-up for the schools Esperanza works with. We went to visit Colegio Pedro Mir in San Pedro de Macorís. Raquel typically meets with the teachers who attended training and the director of the school. In the case of Pedro Mir, only one teacher has been trained so Raquel met with her and the director.

The meeting began with a discussion about how things were going with the AMO program and they mentioned that they were struggling with the prayer and blessing cards, which are used as a tool for students to reach out and connect to their parents by involving them in their AMO class. Parents receive a prayer or blessing card to read to their child about every two weeks. Raquel clarified how AMO recommends the process be carried out, shared a few tips and explained different approaches. The director and teacher asked questions along the way and agreed on a few action steps they would take together now having this new insight.

I asked the director, Deyanira, if and how AMO has impacted her school. She shared that AMO does more than simply teach children to memorize words and verses, it encourages them to reason with and truly understand biblical concepts, she said, “knowing the definition of wisdom is important, but not as important as embodying it.” Deyanira also shared that she has seen tremendous behavioral improvements in her students. AMO offers teachers a new perspective in classroom discipline, namely through teaching them the importance of self-government rather than relying onauthorities to control behavior, which has made a difference in Pedro Mir.

The follow-up meeting lasted about 45 minutes, which is typical. What stood out most to me was realizing that the time spent in the school was mutually beneficial. Raquel is an AMO expert and has a lot of knowledge and experience to offer these schools, but I could see the joy and satisfaction in her eyes as well, as she was able to witness progress made even in this short meeting. Raquel cares deeply about each school she works with and each director and teacher she interacts with. She believes firmly that AMO is an excellent channel through which God can work in the lives of students and she is committed to supporting schools in their journey through AMO training and implementation of the program. I am grateful to know we have this kind of commitment from our partners on the ground when it comes to providing follow-up to the schools we work with.DSC02697