foto_0840For this blog series, we’d like to highlight some of the amazing school proprietors we get to learn from. This week we’d like to introduce you to Teresita Felix. Some of you might have already met her in an earlier Edify video.
Teresita is one of 7 children on her father’s side but is her mother’s only child. Teresita was raised and educated in the town of La Romana. She moved to her current neighborhood 22 years ago and started her school 18 years ago. She started it as a humble after school program where she would help students with their homework. At that time, she had a small business and sold ice and other small items from her house. More and more neighbors brought their children to her to help them with specific assignments.

Her pastor saw that she had 52 students and offered to build her an inexpensive structure in the front of the church. Her brother lent her the funds to buy chairs and tables. Thus Staircase ABC School officially started. After Hurricane George blew away the small structure in front of the church, Teresita decided to move the school to her mother’s house, where they school still operates.

Many school proprietors claim commitment to providing a Christ-centered education but Teresita has proven willing to sacrifice for that goal. Teresita is working very hard to only employ committed Christian teachers so that her entire team shares her vision for her school.  One of her teachers is not a Christian but Teresa reports that praying with the children, as is daily school policy, has been extremely impactful in this teacher’s life and that she sees seeds of desire for Christ in her. Within the AMO program, Teresita says that one child was profoundly moved by the message that she had a purpose. The student shared that in her house she hears a different message: that she’s good for nothing. Teresita and her teachers continue to work to let the message of Christ’s love for this student ring louder than other voices in her life.