WELCOME to our series: “Stories that Inspire”.  We would like to introduce you to Magda Rosario, proprietress-director of “My First Words” School (Colegio Mis primeras Palabras) in the Dominican Republic.
The School

My First Words” School is located in  Boca Chica Dominican Republic, a town known to many Europeans and Americans as a beach town but to locals is a place where they raise their children, work and recreate. The school was founded by Magda Rosario in 2006. This little teaches only to children from kindergarten to fifth grade.









About the Proprietress

Magda Rosario was born in Boca Chica (Which means “Small Mouth” in Spanish) and says she has always been a happy person. She has been involved in her church since childhood. Magda’s family is Christian and taught her to love Jesus. She did her basic studies in the public schools of Boca Chica and finished high school going to school at night. Magda was always part in charge of her classmates. She remembers her time in school positively and had good relationships with her classmates and teachers. Currently, Magda is pursuing a higher degree in Education at UTESA (Technological University of Santiago).



Starting the School

“My First Words” School was founded in September, 2006. The neighborhood where Magda lived is very poor. Parents generally don’t have money to send their children to private schools and the public school is very far away. Magda decided to open a small and affordable school. She started with five children but in three months this quantity had increase to thirty students! Magda currently has sixty one students.


Relationship with EDIFY

Magda has taken two loans with one of Edify’s microfinance partners for approximately US$1,000 US each and both have been used for capital improvements on the school building, which happens to be Magda’s former home. When Magda opened her school, she relocated her family to an inferior building, a sacrifice she was willing to make to give others a chance for education.

The proprietress, Magda Rosario, has attended the business trainings Edify offers and has attended a weekend retreat for Christian school proprietors, where she was able to fellowship with other men and women who have made similar sacrifices in the name of Christ-centered education!, Magda aims to improve her school financial recording processes and run her school as a good business with a social focus. One of her next goals is to purchase a computer so she can use PROGRAFICO, an excel-based accounting tool Edify has developed for schools like hers. (if you want to learn more about PROGRAFICO click here).

Christian Teaching in The School

Magda is always singing and praying with her students. Despite the precariousness of the impoverished neighborhood, Magda’s school is a happy place. Magda is very passionate that her student meets about Jesus. She is always speaking with the children about the Bible and Christian values. Teaching based on the scriptures is a life-long process! In the Dominican Republic, we help schools access holistic Christian curriculum like AMO (a Spanish acronym for “Feed by Lambs” and Rod and Staff.

Celebration with Parents and Friends

Celebration with Parents and Friends


Prayer Works!

“My First Words” school is for poor children who generally have many problems at home with their families Magda is a living testimony that Jesus hears the prayers of those in her neighborhood! One student’s parents were preparing to divorce. The boy was very sad for that and other reasons. He thought that his parents did not love him. Magda saw the boy was very distracted in the classroom. One Sunday the boy came to Magda’s house. He told her that only wanted to say hi but he left quickly. Later Magda heard that he tried to take his life and was assumed dead where as others gave up on this boy, Magda went to his house and prayed for a miracle. The boy survived and, although other parents complained, Magda kept him in her school. Magda understood that this boy needed her love and more importantly, to know Jesus. The miracle continues as this boy is doing well and thriving in his community.

Join us in prayer for Magda!

Magda wants to first and foremost honor Jesus with her school and to introduce him to the hearts of her students. She also wants to add more classrooms and build a school office. Please join us in prayer for Magda and her school! God bless you!

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