Every human being interprets reality with a set of mental lenses, which allows us to see certain things and hide other things from our radar of attention. These mental lenses not only filter what we see, but influence how we see. So, what we perceive and interpret of the world around us is distorted by the presence of evil in the world itself and inside our hearts (Proverbs 4:23).

The mental lenses we use to see life, with its cultural tints are what anthropologists, philosophers and theologians call a worldview. We all, just because of the condition of being humans, behave motivated out of a particular worldview. It may happen that we are ignorant of the contours of our own worldview, and of the fact that our worldview could contain assumptions contrary to our professed beliefs and values. In that case, we walk in life with a fragmented worldview (Ephesians 4:17-19).

God created the universe by His word and using His wisdom as a blueprint, he gave it order, goodness, and beauty. Creation has a built-in structure provided by God himself. Creation is a message from God to humans with the purpose of revealing himself and to motivate a response of worship and service from us to Him. Creation is like a book to be read, each page is full with the perfections of God’s character (Romans 1:20). But, we have lost the capacity to see God through the work of His hands. Our perception of creational reality is limited; this limited perception hinders our understanding and distorts our responsibility to be thankful and worship the Creator (Romans 1:18-19).

In order to help us to recover the capacity to read the reality of life with clarity and propriety, God has provided us with His written revelation in the pages of the Bible. The works as a set of corrective lenses, building in our hearts and minds a conceptual framework which allows us to perceive “life as it really is”, not as it has been distorted by our historic cultural formation. Every culture operates with an engine of assumptions, a mix of lies and truth, which distort all we perceive: God, humans, nature and the relationships between them. These distortions affect our own identity and purpose in life and limit our capacity to love God and to love our neighbor.

The Biblical Worldview is the understanding of reality through the biblical concepts of creation, fall and redemption. It allows us to read the book of creation with transparency and to discover in it the order and the beauty that are treasures of wisdom hidden in creation as a potential capacity. Potential which God hid with the purpose that we find it, enjoyed and respond in thankfulness, worship and service to Him who deserves it for the perfections of His being (John 8:31-32).

Luis Sena
Vice President for Latin America

About the Author

Luis Sena has dedicated his entire career to working for the poor who lack spiritual and material resources. He was born and raised in Santo Domingo and graduated as an Architect in 1980. After graduation, he became a follower of Christ. His newfound faith inspired his twenty-eight year career in Community Development with Food for the Hungry International. From 2011-2013 Luis served as the Program Manager for the Esperanza-Edify program. In 2014, he joined the Edify team serving in various leadership roles before taking on his current role as Latin America Vice-President. Luis also served as co-pastor and teacher at a Baptist church for 27 years. He lives in his hometown of Santo Domingo and is married to Carmen. He and his wife have three children: Elizabeth, Sara and Luis David.