Last monthKen Appenteng-Mensah, Vice President of African Programs, reflected on Edify’s Core Value: Christ-Like Service. Over the next few months, our staff will be sharing their heart and “reflections” on the Edify core values and why they are so important to us. Bettina Gomez Garcia joined Edify in April 2015 and is the Program Director in Peru. She discusses the Edify Core Value: Applaud the Entrepreneurial Spirit.

It is through applauding the entrepreneurial spirit that Edify looks to continue to fulfill its mission to improve and expand sustainable, affordable Christ-centered education in the developing world.

The entrepreneurial spirit is seen in school owners’ passion and drive to start and improve schools in their neighborhoods and communities. It is creative and finds a way to create greater value than existed before. Passion and optimism are always present, yet the art and discipline of execution are their day to day. They are true entrepreneurs, risking and learning along the way. Edify staff is fortunate to come alongside these entrepreneurs, applauding and encouraging their entrepreneurship and desire to see their schools and students flourish.

In sharing a few stories from school owners in Peru and their entrepreneurial spirit, one can see that with Jesus Christ included in the equation, the result is transformed generations for Christ.

Entrepreneurial spirit + Jesus Christ’s Guidance = Transformed generations.

Sergio Peceros, a Methodist pastor, began working for a school in Santa Eulalia, where mountain habitants migrate looking for better opportunities. He saw the need to teach these children about the Lord Jesus. His entrepreneurial spirit drove him to find a way to create a greater value. He opened up a school, and now he teaches his students to pray, not to beg in the streets asking for alms. When the time came to build more classrooms, Sergio had to “walk the talk” and demonstrate to these students his certainty that God answers prayers. Edify lending partners came to him and provided a loan. The loan he received provided not only money for the school, but a huge lesson to the students: the Lord answers prayers. The loan helped the school to improve the facilities, bathrooms, and lighting in classrooms. Entrepreneurial spirit + Jesus Christ’s Guidance = Transformed generations.

Issita Allen, an Adventist teacher, began a school in Huaycan, an area where 15 years ago, Sendero Luminoso terrorists had a headquarters and from where they attacked Lima. Her entrepreneurial spirit drove her to find a way to create a greater value and open a Christ-centered school. The school  year ended in  2014 with an enrollment of 160 students. However, 2015 registration enrollment went down to 65.  A new school was taking away their students. Parents were looking for a school that provided a new computer lab. After investing in security, Issita received the loan to build a computer lab. Now, the computer lab is operating in full capacity and enrollment is rising. Entrepreneurial spirit + Jesus Christ’s Guidance = Transformed generations.

The Lord brings together Edify and the education entrepreneurs (school owners) enabling our mission to be carried out. The loans, training, technology and support that Edify provides allow the proprietors and directors to continue with their work, teaching their students that the Lord Jesus loves them and has a bright future for them.

“ Now may He who supplies seed to the sower, and bread for food, supply and multiply the seed you have sown and increase the fruits of your righteousness
2 Corinthians 9:10 (NKJV).

Let me invite you, to be a part of the legacy Edify is leaving to the nations, because Entrepreneurial spirit + Jesus Christ Guidance = Transformed generations. Join us in applauding these passionate individuals and their entrepreneurial spirit.

Bettina Gomez Garcia
Program Director, Peru