Earlier this year, Edify was thrilled to start training school proprietors and teachers in the Dominican Republic using the AMO Program. AMO is a principle-based, children’s program and curriculum that employs classic literature, the Bible, arts and crafts, and a taste of Christian history.
We witnessed a lot of excitement by those who attended around what they had learn and their ideas to bring the principles back to their schools and classrooms. Over the next several weeks, we’ll be sharing some of the testimonials from attendees here on our blog.

Leida Cuevas, Amparo Divino Christian School
Leida Cuevas, Amparo Divino Christian School; ASPIRE client, Los Mina branch office; 250 students, 15 classrooms; Uses the AMO Program and the Character Fundamentals Curriculum.

“We’ve had an amazing experience here. We’ve been called to reflect upon how we do our daily work, and to renew our commitment before God – to see the ground we’ve already covered, and to see what lies ahead. Each speaker left his mark on us. I was motivated to reinvigorate my work as a teacher and a principal, and to renew my commitment before God.

The Great Commission has always weighed particularly heavy upon my heart. There are few professions like that of a teacher that allow you to have such a large number of students for so many hours, weeks, months, and years. They are our audience that believe in us and follow us. We always look at our students and think how precious they are, but we need to start seeing them as souls that are going to hell unless they have a relationship with Jesus.

I thank ASPIRE who became a part of my life when I most needed it. They providentially lent me a helping hand, and I encourage them to continue holding these retreats.