Northern Rwanda

As Brittany and my one-year anniversary of living in Rwanda has just recently come and gone it has been enlightening to reflect on this past year and the change that we have affected and the change that has been made in us.

Just recently we started attending a small worship service amongst friends here in Kigali.  One of the most recent points of discussion was how we as individuals and a group of believers are blessed and how God seeks to use us to bless others.  A story of a men’s bible study offering themselves as a moving service was used to illustrate the fact that more often that not, the more we give, the more we are blessed.  After meeting for four years and focusing inward on themselves they decided that they needed to focus outward on the community around them.  As an act of service they offered to help a neighbor move out of their old home and in to their new home.  As they continued to help more and more people and families, with the only intent being helping those less fortunate, they found themselves being blessed many times over, not by what they were giving, but what they were receiving.

The story of the men’s group rings true in many ways and speaks to the experience that we have had here in Kigali over the past year.  It’s funny to think back now on the days before our departure, and our first weeks here in Kigali, of the great change and blessing that we were going to bestow by being here in Rwanda when in fact the greatest change agents and those offering the greatest blessings have been the school propietors and proprietresses that we have encountered, partnered with and had the time to learn more about.  The stories they have given, the testimony they have provided and the conviction in their heart is humbling and an inspiration to us here.  The story of Alexis being called to open his home to children without a home or the story of Antoinette being called to return to a war torn Rwanda after living in exile for so many years with knowing but love in her heart for her home and the belief that with God at her side all things were possible.

While I can attest to the blessing that Edify has provided here in Rwanda the blessing that has been given to us by the schools we work with is tenfold what we will ever be able to give back.  It has been an amazing year and we are looking forward to what the next has to bring us.