One of the biggest blessings of living abroad is the relationship that forms with like-minded individuals.  It always amazes me that half a world away, I can develop such a close bond with someone who is set on the same goals – quality, service, and education.

The beginning of this bond always begins the same way for us – with a school visit.  It is inspiring and encouraging to see the good work and great education that is quietly taking place here in Kigali.  Jesse and I are busy visiting schools that went through our last training, while simultaneously looking for prospects for next year’s trainings.  This is an exciting and adventurous time, and one that I know will be the spark of many new relationships.

At each school we visit, I am continually amazed at how driven and passionate the school owners are, as well as how well they do with what little they have.  They are passionate for the Lord, and it shows not only in what they say, but often physically in the school environment as well.

A school we visited recently, Rivers of the Nations Catch-Up School, sets aside 45 minutes every morning and afternoon for fellowship, praise and worship as a school, as well as an entire afternoon on Fridays.  Another school, Lycee la Lumiere de Karambo, tries to integrate Christian values and studies into everything that they do, along with a 30-minute daily devotional. The Head Teacher told us, “Parents choose to bring students here because we are a Christian School.”

Ephesians 6:1 is written and illustrated above this classroom door: “Children, obey your parents because you belong to the Lord, for this is the right thing to do.”

Whether it be a morning prayer or devotional, afternoon praise and worship or a Christian world view weaved in to daily lessons, the schools we have come to know and visit all place value and find strength in having the Lord a part of their daily lives and as a cornerstone of their education.  I always walk away encouraged and uplifted by what I have learned and by the hard work they are doing on behalf of the children of Rwanda.  And of course I love meeting the children as they show off some of their hard work!