When we look back at the most important moments of our lives, we often recall the names of the people who were there. “Sammy was at my wedding” or “when I had my first daughter, Darcy was there by my side.”
As Dominican students graduate or get promoted to a higher grade this month, we can ask that question–“who is there for them?” For many, the answer is a lot of wonderful people. For some, they have only a grandmother or father or older sibling there to root for them.

Behind the photos of the happy moments of our lives–a family gathered around a new baby or a recent graduate, there is always more to the story. At the same time, that back story is human, lovely, disturbing and raw–but the important moments bring us to the fundamentals of love and being there for one another.  Often, quarrels are forgotten or postponed.

Let us pray this week for the students to be surrounded by supporters, by cheerleaders, by tough-loving parental figures, by goofy aunts and uncles, wacky and loving neighbors and adoring teachers. Let’s pray that the students have a wide, deep and true definition of family and that they would extend the love shown to them to others. For those who have had hard family histories, let us pray for restoration, for peace, for understanding and for forgiveness to reign.

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